Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Your pride is pinned
An icy stone
Pressed to your palate, ossified
Although you tried
To force reply
Through the gap
Between your teeth
It stuck fast,
Entangled and ensnared
By all the tiny masked suggestions
That you ought to learn your lesson
Dim your lights
Dull your brights
Drop your hem

Smile, pretty 
Thank them

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Time tests the truth’s conviction
Makes deformities of dreams
Cauterizes weeping memories,
Fades the colour from the scene
Wraps you up in gauzy tedium
Swaddles you in everyday
Until your skin is yours again
And all the want just melts away

Sunday, 28 July 2013


It’s late, too late
In such a state
In such a state
Of open mouthed audacity
And open eyed lucidity
Open wounded helplessness
You’re lying
Flying through your pointed teeth
I see you now for what you are
See everywhere you’ve been
Preying like an insect
On the underside of stones
You came out
And found your cold blood
could be quickened by the sun
You’ve had your fun
I’m calling it a day

Pretty Little Ditty

One day we’ll up and disappear
Shake the dust out of our hair
Abandon records and possessions
Take wing,
In search of sweeter air.

Feathered Forever

The barbs of feathers are feathered
Imagine if it went on so forever & ever & ever.

A Thought

Much of the beauty & the tragedy of the human condition is born of our ability to envision & share impossible ideals.